Land Clearing in Texas is a term that is used for clearing away trees, brush, and debris from a plot of land in order to be able to put up anything from buildings to a residential neighborhood. Other reasons for land clearing include protecting residential homes, soil, and the safety of water as well.

Below you will find three reasons that land clearing houston might be going on in your area.

Residential and Commercial Projects

Most land clearing Houston is done for residential neighborhoods or businesses that are being put up in an un-cleared area. With this type of land clearing a lot is removed but a few trees and brushes will be left standing, for decoration and shade in the yards of the land that has been cleared.

Pastures for Livestock

Heavily wooded pastures are often cleared out so that grass has room to grow. Livestock eats mostly grass so you don't want trees and bushes to clog up the area where you have you livestock set out to feed. However, when land is cleared for this purpose, there are usually small groves of trees left behind. Trees and plants are a source of oxygen and do not need to be cleared out without a very good reason.


Wildlife Habitats

Often land is cleared by Land Clearing Services Houston Tx in order to make room for or in a wildlife habitat. These land clearing jobs do not clear everything on the land however; trees are left that produce berries and leaves for the wildlife in that habitat to eat. Most wildlife such as deer and birds need clearings that they can forage in, making it essential that the land be cleared in the right way for them to survive.


For the Safety of a Home

Often you are already living in your home when you decide that it would be best to clear out the land around it. If you have woods that are steadily creeping up on your property the possibility of wild animals and pests becomes very real. You will want to get the land cleared behind your home quickly to avoid the dangers of wild animals, reptiles, and trees that can become rotten and fall on your home.


These are just a few of the reasons that you may have land clearing going on in your town. From guaranteeing the safety of your home to residential housing going up in the area, land clearing has been going on for centuries and there is usually a reason for it to be happening.